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Single Sign-Ons for AspDotNetStorefront (SSO)

Boost sales conversion, promote customer loyalty and simplify the shopping experience by letting your customers use their Google and Facebook logins on your site!

Compatibility: MultiStore, V10.x

This is a one domain, one cart license installation. To buy additional licenses for additional carts contact sales:

Installation Instructions

1) Install the Admin Compunix Add-on menuand add the following line into the add-on links section specified:

Carts up to MS9420: Carts MS95x: Carts V10.x:

2) Copy the correct version of CompunixCommon.dlldownloaded from the Code Base link into /bindirectory.

3) Run the licensing SQL script on your http://(yourdomain)/Admin/runsql.aspx" page. If you don't have a license send an email to support@compunix.uswith your order number and domain information.

4) Copy/Merge the files from the "Modified files" directory in the .zip file to your web site's root folder. Note, the files from our Skins->Default folder should be placed to your "Active Skin" folder.

5) Modify your template file by placing this in the head near the @Register commands:

6) Place the login Link in your template file and replace this"

With this:

Additional Configuration

To get the SSOs cart usage, please run the following SQL via the Admin -> Configuration -> Advanced -> Run SQL, which will create a Custom Report under your Reports menu:

Google Configuration

1) Login to Google

2) Go to and create project
     a. Enter Project Name: [SiteName] SSO aand wait till done...
     b. Click “Use Google APIs” tile –“ Enable and manage APIs” link …

3) Enable Google Identity and Access Management (AIM) API, On left, click Credentials , check if the IAM API is selected, Create Credentials -> Click on OAuth client ID

4) On the Create Client ID page
     a. Select Web Application
     b. Enter Client name

Carts V10.x:
     c. Authorized JavaScript origins : http://[] and https://[] (one per line)
     d. Authorized redirect URI : http://[]/Compunix/GoogleSSOHandler and https://[]/Compunix/GoogleSSOHandler

Other carts:
     c. Authorized JavaScript origins : http://www.[] and https://www.[] (one per line)
     d. Authorized redirect URI : http://www.[]/CompunixGoogleSSO.ashx and https://www.[]/CompunixGoogleSSO.ashx
     e. click Create button

5) Copy and paste into AppConfigs as instructed for SSO (Client ID and Client Secret)

Facebook Configuration

1) Login to Facebook

2) Go to

3) At top, hover over Apps and select Create a New App
     a. Display Name: Company or URL "SSO"
     b. Namespace: site
     c. Test version: No
     d. Select Category

3) Once you click Create App, copy the App ID and App Secret into AppConfigs as instructed for SSO