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Discount Qualifier Gamification

By gamifying the shopping cart experience, this simple marketing tool will help your store produce larger orders!

Compatibility: MultiStore

This is a one domain, one cart license installation. To buy additional licenses for additional carts contact sales:

Installation Instructions

1) Install the Admin Compunix Add-on menu and add the following line into the add-on links section specified:

Carts up to MS9420: Carts MS9500 and newer:

2) Copy the CompunixCommon.dll downloaded from the Code Base link into /bin directory.

3) Upload the license file/appconfig to your cart. (If you don't have a license send an email to with your order number and domain information.)

4) Copy the files from the "Modified files" directory in the .zip file to your website's root folder. (If your admin directory is not "admin", you may have to copy any files in the admin directory manually.)

5) Merging installation code snippets: (this step may need your developer's help or simply purchase our Installation option so we can install for you: Installation by Compunix)

a) Open the shoppingcart.aspx file found in your website root, and place the following code where you would like the "earned discounts block" to show (we recommend beneath the Product Upsell panel):

b) Open the shoppingcart.aspx.cs file found in your website root, and place the following code block at 1) the end of the Page_Load() function and 2) at the end of the UpdateCart() function: Finally, please the follow function code at the bottom of the file before the 2 ending curly brackets:

6) Go to the shopping cart page to automatically install the plugin, then click Reset Cache in your cart admin suite.

7) To enable the plugin and update its settings, please see the AppConfigs created within the new COMPUNIXDISCOUNTQUALIFIER Group.

This plugin is entirely AppConfig controlled, please see AppConfig descriptions for settings.

Additional Configuration

As this module is fully customizable via CSS, here are the demo styles we use which you can put into your own styles: