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Order Status Checker

This add-on provides:

- anonymous order status checking

- requires the customer's email and order number

- customizable with top/bottom text via topics

- automatically creates tracking links to UPS/FedEx/USPS

- displays Order Status, Shipped Via, Tracking Number, Shipped On information

Compatibility: V.10

This is a one domain, one cart license installation. To buy additional licenses for additional carts contact sales at

Installation Instructions

1) Copy the correct version of CompunixCommon.dlldownloaded from the Code Base link into /bin directory.

2) Run the licensing SQL script on your http://(yourdomain)/Admin/runsql.aspx" page. If you don't have a license, send an email to with your order number and domain information.

3) Copy/Merge the files from the "Modified files" directory in the .zip file to your web site's root folder. Note, the files from our Skins->Default folder should be placed to your "Active Skin" folder.

4) Navigate to http://(yourdomain)/OrderStatus page to install the add-on and observe that the page displays correctly.

5) To link this add on, simply place a link to orderstatus.aspx in the template where you would like the customers to access this page: e.g. <a href="OrderStatus">My Order Status</a> 

6) There are 2 sets of topics in this module:

-  The following show on top and bottom of the order number/email entry page: - OrderStatusTop1 - OrderStatusBottom1

- The following show on top and bottom of the order information page: - OrderStatusTop2 - OrderStatusBottom2