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Loyalty Program

Reward loyal customers and promote repeat business with loyalty gift cards! Customizable to fit a variety of applications and loyalty programs for your ecommerce business.

Compatibility: MultiStore, V10.x

This is a one domain, one cart license installation. To buy additional licenses for additional carts contact sales:

Installation Instructions

1) Install the Admin Compunix Add-on menu and add the following line into the add-on links section specified:

Carts up to MS9420: Carts MS95x: Carts V10.x:

2) Copy the correct version of CompunixCommon.dlldownloaded from the Code Base link into /bin directory.

3) Upload the license file/appconfig to your cart. If you don't have a license send an email to with your order number and domain information.

4) Copy/Merge the files from the "Modified files" directory in the .zip file to your web site's root folder. If your admin directory is not "admin", you may have to copy any files in the admin directory manually.

5) Go to your site's admin and follow the new Compunix menu's link for Loyalty Program Report. After the page is done loading, click Reset Cache.

6) There are two integration points:
A) In the file orderconfirmation.aspx.cs (skip for V10.x), add the following code right after this bit: Code to add:

B) In the file notification.receipt.xml.config, you can add the following code to where you want the Loyalty card and balance to show on the receipt:

7) Enable the Loyalty program by setting the Compunix.LoyaltyProgram AppConfigs.

Usage Information


Settings (AppConfigs):

Testing Procedure:

It is best and recommended to first try the plugin on staging where you can monitor your orders and functionality being applied.

After installation is complete per above, please review the AppConfigs and Settings above.

By enabling the plugin via AppConfig Compunix.LoyaltyProgram.Logging.Enabled you will start seeing Giftcards being generated per user once orders are placed.

Try placing a few orders under your own admin account to monitor the default set functionality. Giftcard balance can always be checked via the provided Loyalty Program Report, via customer's Account page, or via cart's stock Giftcard Management page.