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Product Review Auto Emails

Get your products rated and reviewed!

- Emails your customers product review requests based on the products they bought Installs automatically

- Fully customizable with settings for:

- email day offset

- on/off setting so can be switched off any time

- email message can be fully custom - since the email content is controlled via a Topic, you can completely customize the email going out to your customers

- start emails off with any order number more...

Compatibility: V.10

This is a one domain, one cart license installation. To buy additional licenses for additional carts contact sales at

Installation Instructions

1) Copy the correct version of CompunixCommon.dlldownloaded from the Code Base link into /bin directory.

2) Run the licensing SQL script on your http://(yourdomain)/Admin/runsql.aspx" page. If you don't have a license, send an email to with your order number and domain information.

3) Copy/Merge the files from the "Modified files" directory in the .zip file to your web site's root folder. Note, the files from our Skins->Default folder should be placed to your "Active Skin" folder.

4) Go to the checkout page with an item in your cart, to trigger the installation

5) Refresh the carts cache

6) Configure and turn on the module (search for 'reviewemail' in the appconfigs)

7) Edit the ReviewEmailsContent topic to define the email format